mercredi 16 décembre 2015

Symboles et signes de ponctuation

Ici un quick cheatsheet pour les signes de ponctuation, surtout pour le clavier fr. :-)
.un pointperiod, full stop, dot
,une virgulecomma
:les deux points, un deux-pointscolon
;un point-virgulesemi colon
'une apostropheapostrophe
!un point d'exclamationexclamation point
?un point d'interrogationquestion mark
...les points de suspensionellipsis
-un trait d'uniondash, hypen
un tiretm-dash
_un underscore, un souligné, un tiret basunderscore
°un symbole du degrédegree sign
«  »guillemets (m)quotation marks, inverted commas " "
(  )parenthèses (f)parentheses
[  ]crochets (droits) (m)(square) brackets
{  }accolades (f)curly brackets, braces
<  >crochets fléchés (m), crochets pointus (m)angle brackets
En or entre guillemetsparenthèses, etc. = In quotes, parentheses, etc.
Ouvrirfermer les guillemetsles parenthèses, etc. = Begin/open, end/close quotes, parentheses, etc.
&une esperluette, un et commercial, un et anglaisampersand
*un astérisqueasterisk
#un dièse (Fr), un carré (Can)pound sign, number sign
 The correct French term is actually croisillon (learn more), but the French erroneously saydièse.
$un signe du dollar, un dollardollar sign
£un symbole livrepound sign
%un signe de pour-cent, un pour-centpercent sign
+le signe plusplus sign
-le moinsminus sign
=un signe égalequal sign
<un signe inférieurless-than sign
>un signe supérieurgreater-than sign
|une barre verticale, un tubepipe
/une barre oblique, un trait oblique, un slashforward slash
\une barre oblique inverse, un anti slashbackslash
@une arobase, une arrobase, un a commercialat sign

lundi 9 novembre 2015

Coding with javascript and examples

Here are some javascript samples

Click "Load samples" to view and edit more JS samples.

Labyrinth generated with JavaScript:

and a page to test your thing  :

vendredi 23 octobre 2015

Bill the Lizard

Bill the Lizard

Here is a good example of a coding interview questions with solutions.

BillCruise CodingInterview

mardi 6 octobre 2015

reverse engineering tools for .net

Here is  a list of tools to decompile dll and other.

1. dotPeek

What's Cool about dotPeek?
  1. Decompiling .NET 1.0-4.5 assemblies to C#
  2. Support for .dll, .exe, .zip, .vsix, .nupkg, and .winmd files
  3. Quick jump to a type, assembly, symbol, or type member
  4. Effortless navigation to symbol declarations,
  5. implementations, derived and base symbols, and more
  6. Accurate search for symbol usages
  7. with advanced presentation of search results
  8. Overview of inheritance chains
  9. Support for downloading code from source servers
  10. Syntax highlighting
  11. Complete keyboard support
  12. dotPeek is free!
(taken from ref_10)


jeudi 27 août 2015

javascript blogger

Here a javascript blogger.

Amjad Masad

vendredi 17 juillet 2015

Using Shelvesets to Set Aside Pending Changes (Team Explorer Everywhere)

By creating a shelveset, you can set aside a batch of pending changes from a workspace temporarily. You can later restore those changes into your workspace or into the workspace of another user, or you can delete the changes.

Scenarios in Which to Consider Shelving.

You shelve your pending changes when you are not ready to or cannot check in a set of pending changes, as in the following scenarios:
  • Interruption - You can shelve your pending changes to set them aside if you are not ready to check them in but you must work on a different task.
  • Integration - You can shelve your pending changes and ask your team member to unshelve them if you are not ready to check in but you must share changes with another team member.
  • Review – You can shelve changes that must undergo a code review before you check them in. After you create the shelveset, you inform the code reviewer, who can then unshelve and review your changes.
  • Backup – You can shelve changes that you want to back up before you are ready to check them in. By creating a shelveset, you copy the changes to the version-control server.
  • Handoff – You can shelve changes that are in progress before you hand them off to another member of the team for completion.
taked from : Microsoft (MSDN)

mercredi 15 juillet 2015

Joel Test for Programmers

Joel test for programmers.  This is very interesting test to measure good practices and performance of a coder. Is a reference and a good one but many things need common sense also.

The Simple Programmer Test
Can you use source control effectively?
Can you solve algorithm-type problems?
Can you program in more than one language or technology?
Do you do something to increase your education or skills every day?
Do you name things appropriately?
Can you communicate your ideas effectively?
Do you understand basic design patterns?
Do you know how to debug effectively?
Do you test your own code?
Do you share your knowledge?
Do you use the best tools for your job?
Can you build an actual application?

Enjoy the full article: Joel programmers

mardi 14 juillet 2015

Code review on TFS (Visual Studio)

Code review on TFS (Visual Studio).

Ici un post pour essayer d'avoir plus de references de TFS et les derniers functionlites  dans VS 2012.

Code review on visual studio   

vendredi 10 juillet 2015


Here a quick example of how NVL and CASE can be switched to improve performance and readability.

( CASE    WHEN  x097.c097_edit_name  IS NULL THEN  t097.c097_edit_name  ELSE  x097.equip_stn_no END
   ) as c097_edit_name,
  t097.c097_edit_name as tempHistoric,  x097.equip_stn_no
 FROM t097_temp_edit_his  t097,  X097_TEMP_EDIT_TO_DNI_TRANSACT x097, CIRCUIT
 where t097.c097_edit_name =x097.c097_edit_name (+)
 AND    6100006 = circuit.circt_id (+)
and rownum < 10;


SELECT   NVL(x097.equip_stn_no , t097.c097_edit_name ) as c097_edit_name,
x097.equip_stn_no END    ) as c097_edit_name,
  t097.c097_edit_name as tempHistoric,  x097.equip_stn_no
 FROM t097_temp_edit_his  t097,  X097_TEMP_EDIT_TO_DNI_TRANSACT x097, CIRCUIT
 where t097.c097_edit_name =x097.c097_edit_name (+)
 AND    6100006 = circuit.circt_id (+)
and rownum < 10;

mardi 30 juin 2015

Oracle tips and tricks.

Je suis présentement en train de travailler sur Oracle dans un projet. Il y a quelques années déjà travaillaient sur Oracle Développer ici mes dernières expériences.

requete pour trouver le schema/user:

select sys_context( 'userenv', 'current_schema' ) from dual;

Query pour trouver locks:

select * from v$lock where type='TX' and request>0;

Query pour trouver un utilisateur en particulier:

SELECT username, user_id
  FROM dba_users where username= 'CRECINOS';

Query pour trouver les logins et aussi les proces actuels:

SELECT s.inst_id,
FROM   gv$session s
       JOIN gv$process p ON p.addr = s.paddr AND p.inst_id = s.inst_id
WHERE  s.type != 'BACKGROUND'  AND s.username='CRECINOS';

select s.type
FROM   gv$session s
       JOIN gv$process p ON p.addr = s.paddr AND p.inst_id = s.inst_id

vendredi 12 juin 2015

Visual Studio 2012 keyboard shortcuts