mercredi 13 juin 2012

Store Procedures Questions

The interviewer wants to be confident that you understand SPs  the final and only answer for code.
Some answer could include something like:
  • Data such as constants or client-specific logic never belong in SPs.
  • Passwords or other security tokens never belong in SPs or any code.
  • Complex processing may not be suited for today's rather primitive SP languages.
  • Business logic may be better suited for the middle-tier rather than in SPs, due to differences in the expressive nature of the languages, maintainability, OO design, or other factors.
  • Presentation layer code is probably best suited for the UI, not SPs.

mercredi 6 juin 2012

DataBase Versioning Control

Today I was chatting with my friend Christian Carlessi, about Database Version Control.  He said that there at his job are using a tool for this that actually synchronizes with Entity framework in order to create automated builds at midnight without getting worried about  their Code being different from his database. I on the other hand working with this project who does not have control version tool for the Database I might say things can get some how tricky if someone decides that my objects are not worth keep or just make a small mistake by deleting them by error.  I do make my own versioning of the scripts just in case anyway but I am not able to install a tool on the equipment I am currently using for the purpose.

Here is a interesting article about Database and Source Control. from mister Atwood.

lundi 4 juin 2012

About being Present and the Presence

Being Present, represents that your community recognizes how you are  in the medium of society. When you decide either close yourself in your house and not being so socially present or either take a trip for a while(let's say a month or more), you are not present, you cannot be part of an event or a movement happening because you physical presence will no longer be there. Nowadays we have internet, vpn, remote desktops and more technology who allows us to have contact. But still presence is required for one to be taken more actively.

some definitions of Presence

1. the state or fact of being present,  as with others or in a place.
2. attendance or company: Your presence is requested.
3.immediate vicinity; proximity: in the presence of witnesses.
Taking a long journey could result in you becoming more valuable if you were activily in the community or simply ignored if you were just ordinary.